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п п Ȩ(http://graduate.yonsei.ac.kr/ ) Ǵ м Ȩ(http://library.yonsei.ac.kr/ Research ⿡ ֽϴ.

* м Ȩ(http://library.yonsei.ac.kr) Research -> ȳ -> Ʈ ٷΰ (http://dcollection.yonsei.ac.kr) -> -> ó -> ۱ǵǼ Ȯμ 6ο ۱ǵǼ, Ȯμ ó 湮 ۱ǵǼ, Ȯμ

* лŻ ɻ翡 Ȯ

* Ȯμ Ϲݴп ó, ٸ п Ҽ п 繫ǿ ؾ մϴ.

* .ڻ ͳ (http://www.narastat.kr/emdh)

* 2017.8.10() лŻ ɻ翡 ⿩θ Ȯ


* : (hwp, doc, docx)
* ó : ۱ǵǼ(̿) 1, Ȯμ 1, , ڻ

6 (ɻ / 1 )

* Zм(2) м- ó
(ķ۽ Ҽ л ߾ӵ ϰ, ' Ȯμ' ο )


* : 2017. 6. 19() - 2017. 6. 30()

* åڳ : 2017. 6. 26() - 2017. 7. 7()(-, 09:10-17:00),


    м ߰
    ȭȣ: 02-2123-6312,4643
    E-mail : rokihoon@yonsei.ac.kr

* å
   м ڷ
   ȭȣ: 02-2123-6325
   E-mail : chostone@yonsei.ac.kr

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1. ɻ ǽ Է Ⱓ: 2017. 6. 1()-6. 21()

2. Ȯλ : (ݵ ǰ ), , (,)

- , , ߻ а繫 ݵ û

- лŻ ߱޵ǹǷ ݵ Ȯٶϴ.

3. ڻ ǥ :51 п 19( ǥ) ǰ ڻ հϷκ 1 ̳ а迡 ǥؾ մϴ. ǥ ο 뺸 ֵ а繫ǿ 뺸Ͽ մϴ. (ǥ-ົ ߰, ȸ , Ⱓ๰ , ܱм , м̳ ǥ )

4. (,) , а 繫ǿ Ͽ <лŻ ý> ݵ 2017. 7. 7() Ͽ մϴ.

5. п Ģ 11 : 42() ̼ ڰݽ迡 հ ɻ翡 հϰ μ п û пȸ ǰ ģ ڷ Ѵ.

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Graduate Thesis Submission Schedule(2017 Spring)

Your graduate thesis can be submitted in the graduate schools homepage

(http://graduate.yonsei.ac.kr Thesis() Online submission()) or university

library homepage (http://library.yonsei.ac.kr, Research Thesis submission).



Submission Procedures

*Library homepage Research Online registration at Thesis submission Write the received confirmation number on the usage approval form and thesis submission confirmation form, Print forms Go to a designated location for submission(Library Classroom: "Haksuljeongbo-gyoyukshil(м)": 2nd floor of Yonsei-Samsung Library) Submit 6 copies and receive a certification stamp on the online submission confirmation form Sumit your form at the documentation submission counter at the 2nd floor of the Yonsei-Samsung Library; the graduate school will collect the forms.

*You can verify your thesis submission status at your individual student portal site under thesis review.

Required documents

*Online submission: Document must be in hwp, doc, docx, or pdf file format.

(If you have more than 2 documents, please submit them in a zipped file.)

*Online submission counter: Usage approval form (1 copy), thesis submission confirmation form (1 copy)

*Booklet submission counter: Thesis submission confirmation form with certified stamp (1 copy), graduate thesis (6 copies, must include 1 copy that is signed by thesis committee)

Location for


*Graduate thesis submission office is in the Main library 2nd floor. (Wonju campus students must submit their thesis at the main library at Wonju campus and the thesis submission confirmation form at the Academic Affairs Office at the Wonju campus.)


*Online submission: Jun. 19 ~ 30, 2017(at all times)

*Booklet thesis submission : Jun. 26 ~ Jul. 7, 2017 Please do not miss the deadline (09:10-17:00)(with exception to Saturday, Holiday)

*Contact Information for online thesis submission

University Library, Department of Contents Development

Tel: 02-2123-6312

Email: rokihoon@yonsei.ac.kr

*Contact Information for booklet thesis submission

University Library, Document Collection


Tel: 02-2123-6325

Email: chostone@yonsei.ac.kr

*Additional Information

1. Assessment and submitting assessment report of the graduate thesis: Jun. 1 21, 2017(Submit

to department office).

2. The Certificate of graduation and other documents released in English will have the name printed

according to the name inserted in the Portal System. Please verify your name in the Portal System.

3. Public release of doctoral dissertation: In accordance with the Enforcement Degree of the Higher

Education Act No. 1 and the Internal Regulation for Graduate Thesis No. 19, doctoral dissertations must be publically released to the academia within 1 year. Additionally, the released content must be reported to the department office, in order to notify the Ministry of Education (Forms of release: Publication of independent volume, publication in academic journal, publication in periodicals, publication in international journal, presentation at academic seminar, etc.)

4. If there is a change in the title of the thesis (Korean, English), please contact the department office and change the title through the <student portal thesis management system> by , Friday, 7 Jul 2017.

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Graduate School of Yonsei University

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