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Department Mission

Our mission is to provide students with the capability of analysis and design skills that builds on mathematical rigor and creative thinking in order for them to solve multifaceted, societal, and challenging problems, thus benefiting the global society.

The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to educate future leaders with solid engineering background and strong social commitment. To accomplish this mission, the department operates a highly competitive curriculum with strong emphasis on engineering foundations for emerging technologies of the 21st Century. The curriculum is designed to maximize the capacity of mechanical engineers to undertake crucial roles in exploiting these technologies in challenging problems. Significant efforts have also been made to provide students with hands-on opportunities and computational skills. The students are catered to gain interdisciplinary understanding of fundamental as well as applied sciences so that they will be equipped with the flexibility and leadership in lead rapidly changing technological environments.

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs)

Our first educational objective is to train our students such that they are able to apply creative thinking and design techniques to interdisciplinary design processes based on mechanical engineering. The next objective is to educate our students such that they can communicate well with others to share their ideas and to cooperate, thus establishing the leadership in societies. The third objective is to train our students such that they can create novel technologies to deal with challenging, unpredictable societal problems. The fourth educational objective is to educate our students such that they are open to recognize social and ethical responsibilities in their engineering practices. The final educational objective is to train our students such that they develop the global leadership for industrial, academic and research institutes.

The department puts strong emphasis on nurturing students to excel as leaders in the society. To this end the students are provided with ample opportunities to demonstrate leadership and work as a team through multiple group projects. Writing as well as presentation skills are systematically taught and practiced. Also, business and legal issues are addressed to the students through appropriate courses and special lectures. In addition, the students are encouraged to gain a strong sense of globalization through participation in international programs and events. Students are also provided with the opportunity to take engineering classes taught in English. Through such experiences, the students will gain the ability and confidence to make positive contributions in the global arena.

Faculty members of the department are active in conducting state-of-the-art research in various disciplines ranging from nano-technology to alternative energy. Several major government and industrial projects have been carried within the department. Through various resources, the department houses several top-of-the-class lab facilities.

The faculty members maintain close interaction with the industrial counterparts and have contributed significantly to the development of key technologies of the companies. Also, a few highly competitive venture enterprises have recently emerged from ideas coined by faculty members.

Overall, our department offers a full range of learning opportunities for students who wish to excel as future leaders in the society. The pioneering educational strategies of the department will set the standard for mechanical engineering education for the 21st Century.