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MEU2101 Mathematics for Mechanical Engineers I

Vector and linear algebra for mechanical engineers. Inner product, vector product, differentiation and integration of multi-variable scalar equations, vector field and function. Line, surface and volume integral and their physical analysis. Gauss's theorem, curl and circulation, Stokes's theorem, various PDE's and boundary conditions, solutions by separation of variables. Representative PDE's, Linear algebra part includes matrix algebra, determinant, vector space, linear transform, orthogonality, eigenvalue, eigenvector and their application to overall mechanical engineering examples. Numerical linear algebra such as Gaussian elimination, orthogonal transform and least square method.

MEU2102 Mathematics for Mechanical Engineers II

Differential equations and Fourier series for mechanical engineers. 1st and 2nd order differential equations and their applications, numerical analysis, series analysis, Laplace transform, Fourier transform, series of differential equations, partial differential equations. Laplace, heat conduction and wave equations.

MEU2300 Creative Design Project I

Engineering design and manufacturing process with the emphasis on creativity, mind mapping and brainstorming. Students' ability to prepare CAD drawing and to express design ideas based on individual and team projects.

MEU2600 Mechanics of Solids I

Concepts on force, equilibrium, virtual work. Analyses on distributed load, static structures. Calculations of displacement, strength, stress and strain on elementary structures and plates.

MEU2610 Thermodynamics

Basic concepts on energy. state principle and ideal gas law, properties of pure substances, first and second law of thermodynamics for open and closed systems, vapor and gas power systems

MEU2620 Design and Manufacturing Processes I

Correlation between design and manufacturing, mechanical characteristics and behavior of materials, phase diagram and heat treatment. Unit processes including cutting, grinding, molding, casting, welding and non-traditional machining processes. NC machine and basic concepts on CAM/FMS/CIM.

MEU2630 Mechanism Design

Coordinate systems. Velocity/acceleration analysis. Kinematic analysis on various mechanisms including cam, gears, gear train. Analysis and synthesis of linkages.

MEU2640 Fluid Mechanics

Hydrostatics, Bernoulli equation, flow characterization, integral form of flow equations using control volume, dimensional analysis and modeling, flow in ducts, open-channel flow basics, experimental methods for flow measurements.

MEU2650 Dynamics

Kinematics and kinetics of particles, system of particles and rigid bodies. Energy and momentum methods for the formulation of governing equations.

MEU2660 Electromagnetics and Electrical Systems

Basic circuit theory and electromagnetics for mechanical engineers. Basic electrical components and their applications through lectures and experiments.

MEU2670 Introduction to Biotechnology

Biotechnology introduction, understanding bio-engineering, cells and their mechanics, biomechanics, biofluidics, bioinstruments, biomimetic system, biomechanical engineering fusion.

MEU3101 Seminar I

An outline of the field of mechanical engineering, cultural studies and professional ethics as a mechanical engineers, concepts of engineering design, engineering management, related laws and patents.

MEU3102 Seminar II

An outline of the field of mechanical engineering, cultural studies and professional ethics as a mechanical engineer, concepts of engineering design, engineering management, related laws and patents.

MEU3103 Engineering Numerical Analysis

Various numerical analysis techniques and algorithm for engineering problems. Computational error analysis, solutions for algebraic equations and linear algebra, optimization, curve fitting, numerical differentiation and integration, numerical analysis of ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations.

MEU3300 Creative Design Project II

Measurement and data analysis study for mechanical designs through projects and experiments. Education of commercial package programs for engineering design and analysis.

MEU3600 Mechanics of Solids II

Beams on elastic foundation, pressure vessel, thick walled cylinders, Lame solution, column theory, plasticity basics, fatigue and fracture of materials.

MEU3610 Applied Thermodynamics

Thermodynamic cycle analysis review on energy transformation power system, air conditioning and refrigeration focused on working principles and theory. General thermodynamic relations, mixed gases, psychrometry, chemical reactions and equilibrium, combustion. Basic knowledge on compressible thermo-fluidic engineering.

MEU3620 Design and Manufacturing Processes II

Various manufacturing systems and their structures/design. NC machine programming, tool wear detection techniques, thermal effect, micromachining, cutting/grinding/polishing mechanism.


Engineering problem definition and design processes for mechanical components and systems using the knowledge of mechanics. Machine components design including shafts, axles, bearings, screws and gears based on the existing theory. Introduction to modern design methodologies.

MEU3640 Applied Fluid Mechanics

Fluid flow and deformation, differential flow equations using infinitesimal elements, inviscid/viscous flow, boundary layers, calculation of drag and lift, turbo machinery, channel flow. Introduction to computational fluid mechanics.

MEU3650 Heat Transfer

Relation between thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, heat conduction, fin analysis, non-steady state conduction, natural/forced convection heat transfer, radiation, condensation, evaporation, boiling, heat exchanger analysis, electronic components cooling, bio- and food heat transfer.

MEU3660 Engineering Materials and Behavior

Lattice structure and crystallography, phase diagram, characteristics of carbon-alloys. Mechanical properties of polymers, ceramics and composites. Applications of novel materials, materials choice. Destructive and non-destructive behaviors of metallic and non-metallic materials such as elasticity, plasticity, tension, fatigue, fracture, creep, dislocations.

MEU3670 Mechanical Vibration

Free and forced vibration of one degree of freedom system, free and forced vibration of two degrees of freedom system, vibration of multi-degree of freedom system, modal analysis basics, vibration of continuous systems, energy method.

MEU3680 Mechanical System Control

Overview of control systems, modeling techniques, transfer function, time and frequency domain analysis of linear systems, state equations, stability criteria, signal flow diagram, steady-state error analysis, root locus, design of control systems.

MEU3690 Computer Control and Simulation of Manufacturing Systems

Computer control of manufacturing systems, architecture of CNC, programming language, modeling of manufacturing systems and application of control methodologies, simulation of manufacturing process and corresponding program skill development.

MEU3700 Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical organization, organs, motion, neuron, sensing and their engineering applications. Fundamental studies on medical engineering, high tech medical devices, artificial organs, biomedical imaging techniques.

MEU3710 Introduction to Nano Physics

Learn Schrodinger's equation which is the fundamental principle for Nano-technology, tunneling, uncertainty principle, the bend and bend gap theory in solids, spin, preservation and fermion principle, and their industry application.

MEU4300 Creative Design Project III

Design and fundamental knowledge for product development. Engineering product design and prototype manufacturing through team projects. Product development process, high level design techniques, project management, marketing, intellectual properties, product advertisement and product development case studies.

MEU4400 Thesis Research

Students will develop a research ability by writing and presenting the research thesis. The thesis will be based on student's work including research planning, paper search and experimental/analytical approach for a specific topic.

MEU4600 Energy and Power Engineering

Terms and structures of internal combustion engine, comparison of spark ignition and compression ignition engines, intake and exhaust, air/fuel mixture, ignition and combustion, exhaust gas pollution, heat transfer and lubrication, vibration, design of internal combustion engine, summary of thermo-fluidics, gas turbine cycle, compressor, combustor, system composition and performance analysis of turbine components.

MEU4610 Air Conditioning and Environmental Engineering

Principles and theory of psychrometry, heat transfer in space, solar radiation, air-conditioning and refrigeration cycles, energy exchange, ventilation systems. Correlate these to internal air cleaning and environmental pollution control technology. Introduction to gas state and particle pollution sources. Study on mechanical and electrical control/measurement equipments.

MEU4620 Microsystems

Fundamental study and applications of micro/nano scale devices and systems. Further study on manufacturing for micro/nano scale structures, micromechanics and materials.

MEU4630 Optical Engineering

Basic theory of optics, optical devices and systems for mechanical engineering applications, laser theory and species, application areas of optical engineering and high technologies.

MEU4640 Net-Shape Manufacturing System

Manufacturing process and system for desired shape formation using single process. Mold design and manufacturing, die casting, ultra-precision metal forming, polymer forming, rapid prototyping, 3D process simulation, process experiment and field study.

MEU4650 Mechatronics

Overview of mechatronic system design, mechatronic system components, signal flow sensor interfacing techniques, OP amps, ADC/DAC, microprocessor interfacing techniques. Microprocessor system design and experiment through projects.

MEU4660 Thermo-Fluid System Design

Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer theory and applications on a specific thermo-fluidic system (ex: automobile engine, airplane engine, micro gas turbine, turbo machine, air conditioning system, etc). Thermo-fluidic design experiment through projects.