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The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Yonsei University Graduate School is committed towards educating future leaders in engineering. The graduate program in Mechanical Engineering is designed to maximize the analytical and design research skills of the students. The creativity of the students is also continuously stimulated and developed by dealing with a variety of challenging engineering problems. The students are expected to contribute to the generation of significant contributions in technical communities and disseminate their findings through scholarly activities.

Extensive research facilities are available for carrying out state-of-the-art research in a variety of mechanical engineering topics ranging from nanotechnology to alternative energy. The graduate students have a wide choice of mechanical engineering disciplines from which they can select their thesis topics of interest, and interact closely with their thesis advisors and other faculty members. With the research funds received from outside sources as well as from the university, the graduate students are provided with partial or full financial aid to carry out their advanced degree programs within the department.

Robotics & Nanomechantronics

Robotics, Human-robot interaction (HRI), Systems and control, Gain-scheduled control, Precision control and measurement, New material and smart structures, Impact, Stress analysis, Micro-mechanics, Dynamics and vibration

Data-driven methods & Uncertainty quantification

Machine learning, mobile sensor networks, Sensor fusion, Bayesian approaches, Parameter estimation, System identification, Stochastic and probabilistic models, Predictive modelling, Reliability, Risk assessment, Prognostics and health management (PHM).

Nanomanufacturing & Photonics

Precision machining, MEMS, Nanophotonics, Nanotransducer, Manufacturing processes, Optical engineering and applications, Optical lithography, Nanoimprint, Medical imaging

Design & Mechanics

CAD/CAM, Optimal design, Optical lens design and manufacturing, Solid Mechanics, Medical device design, Semiconductor processing system design, Computational fluid mechanics

Energy & Environment

Internal combustion engine, Propulsion, Combustion, Heat transfer, Environmental engineering, New and renewable energy, Lubrication/biofluidics, Turbo machinery


Biosensor, Biochip, Lab-on-a-chip, Bio-instrumentation,Bio-extreme control, Bio-tools, Microfluidics, Bio-MEMS, Bio-materials & mechanics