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제목 2008 Summer Internship opportunity in AIG Investme
작성자 관리자 등록일 2008-04-08 조회 5,133

AIG Investments is one of the largest asset management firms in the world with US
$753 billion in assets under management. AIG Investments is a wholly owned
subsidiary of AIG, one of the world’s largest financial institutions with operations in
more than 130 countries. AIG Investments comprises a group of international
companies with extensive capabilities in equity, fixed income, hedge funds, private
equity, and real estate. Since 1998, AIG Investments has completed private equity
investments of over KRW1.3 trillion in Korea with HansolM.Com and Hanaro Telecom
being its flagship transactions.

AIG Investments is planning to hire a summer intern for its Private Equity Division in the
Seoul office. This is an exciting opportunity for the potential applicant to work closely
with experienced professionals as part of the deal team to assist the team throughout
the investment process from deal sourcing to monitoring. The responsibilities include
research, financial analysis, presentation preparation, and other daily support. The
intern will gain valuable insights into how leading global Private Equity firms operate
and how they add value as investors.

We would like to assess your qualification based upon your English resume and a
deal proposal of no more than two pages. Assuming investment size of KRW 20 billion
or above, pick an industry and/or company in Korea to invest in and provide analysis
supporting the rationale for the investment. Ideally, the company should be unlisted
with more than a 3 year history.  Creativity and analysis is the most important aspect of
the appraisal.  The background of the candidate will NOT be a major criterion for final
evaluation. Please note that the entire application should be written in English. 

Please send your application package to recruit.kr@aig.com by May 13, 2008. Qualified
candidates will be notified regarding next steps in the process.

Note:  By submission of the application, the candidate acknowledges the application
becomes the property of AIG Investments and that AIG Investments and its affiliates will
be entitled to use the application, as it deems fit, at its sole discretion.  

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